Frequently asked questions…

Never booked a makeup artist before? Never fear, here are some questions answered so you know what you are getting on your day. 

Yes, you can choose MUA Charmaine or one of her amazing team!

Powder Me Makeup Studio was created by Charmaine Wiltshire after closing her salon in New Farm in Brisbane after 15 years, to spend time with her young family. After this time she moved back to where she was born, to raise her family and focus her creative talents again into all things beautiful! She has been in the beauty industry for 21 years working in all assets of the industry from beauty/fashion, print, television, runway, bridal and commercial work, and combines that experience into servicing weddings on the Sunshine Coast. As Powder Me Makeup only service ‘one wedding per day’ (minimum numbers apply), it was imperative for Charmaine to hand choose select makeup artists for her team, with the same attention to detail, passion and manner as herself, to help her with her ever increasing reputation as the place to go for your makeup needs! We believe it is an honor to be sharing your day with you.

What is Airbrush makeup – do you only use this?

Airbrush makeup is a long lasting durable water based non-comedogenic foundation that has hi-definition technology behind it. It’s a ultra fine mist that is dispersed through an airbrush gun that is powered by a compressor. It’s breathable texture is light and can be customized to control the amount of converge needed, from sheer to medium to full. It looks extremely natural in person and gives off a flawless finish in pictures. It withstands heat, humidity, tears and sweat and will never end up on your dress or your groom. I use a combination of airbrushing and traditional makeup. I use a variety of consumer products from Youngblood, Ben Nye, Laura Mercier,  and professional products such as Temptu, Makeup Forever and many more.

Do I need to pay a deposit to secure my booking?

After you have emailed us with your details through our contact form and we have replied to your inquiry, you will need to let us know if you are happy to go ahead and how many numbers are requiring makeup for the day.  We will then send you your invoice for you deposit (usually $200) and also our service agreement which you will sign and return to us along with your deposit. Your booking is confirmed when your deposit and signed service agreement is received.

Do I wait until after my trial to book in my wedding?

Powder Me Makeup is fast becoming the Sunshine Coasts most sought after for Bridal Makeup.  Because of this, we do not recommend waiting to book in your date. The Powder Me Guarantee (below) gives you the perfect outcome after your trial.   Many of our brides even decide not to have a trial – they trust us that much!

Do I need to have a Trial?

Yes, it’s an important part of the wedding preparation for the bride to have a trial, to ensure you are completely happy with your wedding look and minimise any stress on the day. It is not essential for the bridal party to have a trial but it would be helpful  to discuss what they would like on the day. If not a photograph and a quick discussion would be adequate. How long does a trial take? They typically last around 1 – 1.5hrs. Sometimes a bride will know exactly what she wants and other times she may want to try a few different styles out. When and where do trials take place? Trials usually take place 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding.  Trials usually take place at the Powder Me Studio or home of specific makeup artist.

What if I’m not happy with my trial?

‘The Powder Me Guarantee’ –

I’m prone to sensitive skin. What products do you use?

We use a wide variety of products, ranging from the well known over the counter brands, but mainly specialist items from specific suppliers to professional make-up artists. We are used to dealing with hypoallergenic products for problem skin types. It would be a matter of having a proper conversation beforehand over the ‘phone to get more of a detailed idea of your sensitivity, and discussing how we could both do a bit of research before the trial to see what products suit you.

I don’t usually wear make-up, so how will I know what style to go for?

We recommend collecting ideas from magazines or our Pinterest Gallery, and seeing what you like the look of.  We start form there to build up a picture of the kind of look that you want.I understand the fear that many people who do not wear make-up have about not looking like they normally do. We aim to make them comfortable with a natural look.

Do you provide touch up Lipsticks and powders for retouching during the day.

We love our super long lasting airbrush formulation  however, dancing, drinking and dining are all detrimental to a ‘perfect’ face. Yes we can ensure you have the ingredients to keep your glow on..

I’ve heard that make-up has to be applied heavily for the photos. Is this true?

To an extent it is the case. Make-up has to be a little stronger than for everyday wear to register in photos. Also, with a large expanse of satin ivory, coupled with the photographer’s flash, it can be the case that features get a little washed out. With very careful application, the make-up should not look heavy and will last well. With everything else being that much bigger on the day, it will not look out of place.

Do you have a hairdresser?

Yes we work with the most creative and wonderful wedding hairstylists, please let us know if you would like a booking with them also…

How many people can you fit in on the wedding day?

As many as you like. We recommend that if there are to be more than 7 people, that assistants can be brought in. All are professional and will gladly come out to help us.

I’m concerned for animal welfare. Do you use products that are not tested on animals?

Yes. Although We have a mixture of different cosmetics and products in our kits, We are aware of the brands that do not test on animals.

If you can’t see your question here please ask us!



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